About us

Since 2003, the Law Office of Tiziano Sošić has been providing legal services to its clients according to the Law on the Legal Profession.

The Attorney mainly operates in the fields of:

  • legal advice, negotiations and legal representation of clients in court proceedings related to real estate ownership disputes
  • legal advice to commercial companies in setting up companies in Croatia (“start-ups“), legal representation in civil litigations for bad debt collection with elements of internationality, and in general in controversies between commercial companies
  • legal advice and representation of clients in litigations with elements of internationality in proceedings related to the restitution of real estate ownership in civil litigation and in the administrative proceedings of indemnification for properties seized during the Jugoslav communist regime

Practice Areas

Real estate and land register law

Corporate law and commercial litigation

Inheritance law

Administrative procedures and administrative litigations

Rights of indemnification for the property seized during the Yugoslav communist rule

European Union law

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Giuseppe Tartini 15. , HR-52100 Pula
Phone ++385 (0)52 388-864, ++385 (0)52 507-007
Fax ++385 (0)52 388-863
Skype: tiziano.sosic

Tiziano Sošić, dipl. iur. (Attorney-at-law)
E: tiziano@tslex.hr

Ana Perhat Sošić, dipl oecc.
(Accounting and Finance)

E: ana@tslex.hr

Sara Radin, mag. iur. (Trainee Attorney)
E: sara@tslex.hr